Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom's Flowers

These are some of Mom's hanging baskets.
Thanks for dropping in .... Daniel


  1. Pretty flowers, Daniel ~ Your picture is great. Isn't it fun to have your own blog?

  2. yes this sure does look like your mama's flowers danny!
    i have forgotten how pretty your mom's gardens were.
    i am going to send her link over to one of my friends who lives in ontario.
    he has a wonderful garden too but there is no singing of the birds like there is in yours!
    i will come back and see you when i have a little more time.
    have a good ball game and i will keep my fingers crossed that you win!
    from mrs. terry, one of your mom's blogging friends

  3. Hi Danny,

    Now we need to see some pictures of you and your brothers doing death defying tricks on your quads and dirt bike! ;0)

    Mark Michie


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